Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time for fresh start, take eight

Seriously...the last 9-10 months or so have been the wackiest collection of problems (mostly health related) ever. I never get sick! But I've been having random, unconnected and you could say just downright unlucky problems for quite awhile. I took my last pill for my last thing yesterday.. you have no idea how glad I am to toss that bottle away.. I was on a good 6 different things at one point. The drugs were as bad or worse as what they were for. If something hurts worse than a kidney stone, I hope I never experience it. Two emergency room visits (which brings the number of times I've ever been in an ER to...two), numerous other episodes and finally surgery to take it out. Morphine is pretty fun though. I will admit that much.

With all this going on my poker game can be summed up with a single word: Inconsistent. Not just in turn of playing time, but also in terms of how I played. It is so incredibly easy to underestimate how easy going from your A game to your C game is when all this other crap is going on.

So..Time to start fresh..again. It has to stick eventually. I think this is the time it will. Even with all that happened I nearly made Goldstar at a mix of $25 and $50 FR last month and did post a profit. Not a huge one but a profit is a profit! I also did almost all of my playing in the first 10 days of January.

Going to be starting coaching with a Stox coach this week. I'm psyched about that. I feel I have a lot of the fundamentals down but I'm not as good at hand reading or postflop play as I need to be to get much past $50. I'm going to get there and get there this year. Realistically, I hope to be taking shots at $100 NL in the next 2-3 months. I really think that's doable. I just need consistency.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Is this thing on?

Just getting started here.

Poker become an obsession for me years ago. It is even more of an obsession now. I will be chronicling my progress, victories, defeats and some fun little distractions from time to time.

Just getting started... Sitting in a coffee shop fueling up some caffeine for my night poker session. Dunno why but I have been a night owl of late. Have a hard time getting going before 7 or 8 pm but I might still be going at 4 am. Gonna have to fix that.

More to come, been meaning to start this blog for awhlie. Lots of friends, lots of goals. New year starting, new resolve and new focus. Hopefully this blog will be place to blow off steam, communicate with friends and help me keep everything in perspective in a way. Reflection tends to do that.

Will be back with more soon!